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Domina Doll is a sex writer, sexpert, and sex toy diva at as well as a certified Passion & Pleasure Coach from Loveology U (2013) and a Pleasure Specialist and Sexual Intimacy Coach who teaches women, men and couples how to enhance their intimacy, passion and sex life. She has dabbled as a fetish photographer, filmmaker, artist, and jill of all trades, but her passion is teaching others about positive sexuality, intimacy and how to have passion-filled relationships. Her work has been published in several sex related magazines including Women’s Health, Lover Magazine, Whiplash!, SMUT, Good Vibes, Carnal Nation, SexLifeCanada and Blog Her (Sex). She is also the go to sexy gal at, where she answer questions about sex toys and sexuality in general. Domina has also ghostwritten sexpert e-books as well as her own sex guides including: “Jillin’ Off: A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex”.

Ask me a question about anything relating to sex toys, sexuality, sex tips, intimacy, passion, sexual and self empowerment and more...


Loveology University


Sex, Sex Toys, Intimacy, Sexual Empowerment

Experience: 6 years working in the sexuality education industry
Publications:, Womens-Health, AllExperts, Sex Life Canada,, the Sex Carnival, Whiplash!, SMUT, Divine Caroline, Carnal Nation, Good Vibes magazine, Lover Magazine, Broken Pencil, AltSexTalk, Ezine Articles, Real Sex Toy Reviews, Boinkology, Examiner,, and many more.


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